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What Is the Difference Between a Medical Doctor & a Chiropractor? August 5, 2020

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What Is the Difference Between a Medical Doctor & a Chiropractor?, Mesa, Arizona

Back pain can be debilitating, keeping those afflicted from performing even basic tasks. One often assumes that a chiropractor would be the expert to address this issue, but their treatment options can be limited for severe cases. Comparatively, a medical doctor can treat back pain with a wider variety of treatments. Here is what sets medical experts apart from chiropractors. 

How Medical Doctors and Chiropractors Differ

1. Schooling

While both roles require four years of undergraduate study, the expertise of chiropractors and medical doctors diverges for graduate programs. Chiropractors attend three years of chiropractic school, followed by an optional one year of residency to become a Doctor of Chiropractic. On the other hand, medical doctors have four years of medical school, followed by a required three to eight years of residency, depending upon on the specialty. Medical doctors must pass National medical board exams as well as specialty boards for certification. Chiropractors take a national exam, as well as state chiropractic boards. 

2. Prescriptions

medical doctorsOne of the limiting factors of chiropractors is their inability to prescribe medication. Their treatments are limited to chiropractic adjustments, electric stimulation, acupuncture, and other non-prescription options. However, medical physicians can write prescriptions to treat a variety of issues, including headaches, insomnia, back pain, etc. They also can pull on knowledge of general medicine to treat back problems. 

3. Injections and Surgery

Only medical doctors can offer non-invasive cortisone injections to avoid invasive surgeries.  If surgery is needed to treat back pain, medical doctors are the superior option for the task. While chiropractors in some states are allowed to perform minor surgery, their abilities are limited in scope. Medical physicians, however, have full rights to practice surgery in their area of expertise, and specialists will have the training to handle the complexities of the spine. 


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