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How Salvage Yards Recycle Junk Vehicles September 2, 2020

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How Salvage Yards Recycle Junk Vehicles, Barkhamsted, Connecticut

Every vehicle contains several pounds of steel, aluminum, and other valuable metals, almost all of which can be recycled. In addition to keeping cars and trucks out of landfills, salvage yards reduce the environmental impact of mining and processing raw materials. If you’re curious about what happens to a junk car after you turn it in, the guide below provides a brief overview of the process.

Which Auto Parts Are Removed & Resold?

Even the most worn-out car may still have usable components. Engines, windows, and transmissions, for example, often remain in working condition for decades. 

Recycling professionals often salvage tires, which may still be good for thousands of miles. As long as the rubber doesn’t show signs of cracking or dry rot and the treads are at least 2/32 inches deep, they are usually resold without further processing.

A battery that still holds charge is also a candidate for reuse, but only if the case isn’t cracked, bloated, or leaking fluid. If any parts are damaged, the salvage yard sends the battery to a specialized facility who will safely dispose of the toxic chemicals inside.

Professionals also have to drain liquids before recycling. After removing engine oil, they may resell it to power generators. It’s also possible to filter antifreeze for consumer use.

How Are Vehicles Recycled?

salvage yardOnce professionals drain fluids and extract working parts, they remove the radiator, fuel tank, airbag cartridges, and any other potentially hazardous components. After that, they run the vehicle through specialized equipment that crushes it, making it easier to transport.

Once the crushed vehicle is in the recycling facility, it’s fed into powerful shredders. Magnetic machinery then separates steel and iron from other metals, reprocessing them into raw materials. Since steel can be recycled several times without losing quality, it’s often used to make anything from building frames to appliances and new cars.


If you need to get rid of a junk car, turn to Stewart’s Used Auto Parts in Barkhamsted, CT. This salvage yard has recycled cars and sold used auto parts at fair prices since 1982. They will offer a competitive rate for your vehicle and safely dispose of hazardous components. Visit their website to learn more about the recycling process, get updates on Facebook, or call (860) 379-7541 to discuss your needs today.

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