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How Can You Create Custom T-Shirts for Your Family's Reunion? July 21, 2020

Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
How Can You Create Custom T-Shirts for Your Family's Reunion?, Cincinnati, Ohio

Once the coronavirus pandemic is over, many families will want to gather and catch up after being locked down. To make up for the lost time, it would be great to hold an organized reunion complete with games and custom T-shirts. Here are a few tips on designing a reunion shirt to remind you and your family of a fun time together after months of being apart.

3 Tips For Creating Family Reunion Custom T-shirts 

1. Detail

Reunion shirts usually include details about the event. Consider printing the event name, date, and place on the shirts. Make the font of the text noticeable by using two types of fun font designs, like Buffon and Marshmallow font. One font can be used for the date and place, while the other can be used for the name of the event. You can also add text that shows an inside joke or a simple saying about family or being together.  

2. Design

custom t shirtsAs the designs of reunion custom T-shirts typically have text, it's best to keep the rest of the image uncluttered and straightforward. For instance, a simple illustration such as a tree or anything that symbolizes your family would be enough to make the shirt look interesting. Also, it's best to stick to one cohesive color palette so that the shirt design doesn't seem confusing. For instance, if you use red for the font color, then make the T-shirt color yellow or orange to keep with a warm color scheme. Likewise, if you make the font color purple, then keep with the color scheme and make the shirt color blue or green.

3. Supplier 

Before creating a design, talk to your shirt supplier about product and service information. For instance, what is the minimum order for custom-printed shirts, and how long is the lead time? It's also essential to ask what types of shirts they offer (polo shirts, round-neck shirts, etc.) and the colors they come in. These factors can affect your creative decisions when you design the shirt.


If you need custom T-shirts for your next family reunion, check out Siefert's Sports Center in Cincinnati, OH. Founded by Art Siefert in 1979, this sports center also offers custom team uniforms, sports equipment, custom baseball caps, and sublimation printing. They treat everyone like family, do everything on-site, and do it faster and better than other companies. Call (513) 662-1520 or visit their website for more information about their products and services.

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