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4 Ways to Increase Natural Light in Your Office July 23, 2020

Chelsea, Manhattan
4 Ways to Increase Natural Light in Your Office, Manhattan, New York

As a boss, you might be wondering how you can boost your team’s energy and productivity. Employees sleep an average of 46 minutes more per night when exposed to sufficient natural light. Sunlight also produces vitamin D, which reduces the symptoms of diseases like cancer and diabetes. Healthier and well-rested employees are more productive and help your business grow. From removing bulky furniture to hiring a window cleaning company, here are a few ways to get more natural light in the workplace.

How to Increase Natural Light in Your Office Building

1. Implement an Open Floor Plan

When an office building has cubicles or many enclosed offices, it can be difficult for sunlight to permeate the space. If the central area of the office has lots of windows, it can be beneficial to implement an open floor plan.

Open office plans can increase collaboration and improve your employees’ health, leading to boosted productivity. Remove any partitions and provide large tables for them to work on projects together and share ideas.

2. Hire a Window Cleaning Company

window cleaning companyIf the windows in your office are dingy, they won’t let in as much light. You should hire a window cleaning company to do a thorough scrubbing every two months.

During this cleaning, the technicians will polish your windows inside and out, letting much more light into the space. If the office is on a higher floor of your building, the cleaners have the harnesses and gear to clean the glass’s exterior safely.

3. Install Shiny Surfaces

Reflective surfaces will increase the sunshine in your office. This is often achieved using mirrors, but it can easily be replicated with shiny surfaces on desks, cabinets, and shelves.

Install glass coverings on desks and shelves, and polish any sleek counters and cabinets to ensure they shine. The reflective materials will bounce the natural light throughout the office and create a lighter, more productive atmosphere.

4. Employ a Minimalist Design

Even if your office has many windows, your employees won’t reap their benefits if they’re blocked by bulky furniture, storage boxes, or walls. Keep furniture to a minimum and keep storage confined to darker corners of the room or utility closets. This will help more light get into your office.


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