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The Benefits of Reading for Seniors August 13, 2020

North Bend, King
The Benefits of Reading for Seniors , North Bend, Washington

Retirement homes often have comprehensive activity programs to keep seniors active and slow cognitive decline. When going over care and activity options with your loved one, you can recommend they join a reading group or start a book club. Reading is a great hobby for seniors, and it can stimulate their brains and facilitate conversations with others. Below, learn how reading can help an aging individual. 

Why Reading Is Beneficial for Seniors 

According to research, reading from childhood through old age can help reduce the risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. That’s because reading stimulates the brain to preserve thinking and memory skills. Another study found that reading for six minutes before bed can reduce up to 68 percent of stress. Restoring a sense of calm can help the brain relax for better sleep, too. 

Although your loved one can become engrossed in a book before bed at the retirement home, reading with others is also beneficial. Discussing the stories with peers can boost their spirits to keep depression at bay. While visiting your loved one, you can plan an outing to the local library to browse the selection. Talking about the titles can be a bonding experience.     

How to Prevent Eye Strain While Reading

retirement homeGlaucoma and cataracts are two common age-related eye conditions that can lead to vision loss. Seniors with these conditions often don't read regularly because they have difficulty seeing. If your loved one is having trouble reading the small typeface in a book, suggest they view the story on a tablet or e-reader instead. The book can be downloaded on a device through an available app provider. Once a title is downloaded, your loved one can adjust the font size and light so that the display is easier to read. 


To ensure your aging relative has the assistance they need 24/7, contact Red Oak Residence. Families trust the staff at this North Bend, WA-based retirement home to provide medication management, bathing assistance, and additional help with the day-to-day needs of their elderly loved ones. The retirement home also provides discussion groups, exercise classes, and other fun activities to aid residents’ physical and mental health. View pictures of the senior citizen housing online and call (425) 888-7108 to learn more about their elderly care services. 

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