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How Do Garage Door Safety Sensors Work? September 1, 2020

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How Do Garage Door Safety Sensors Work? , Middletown, Ohio

A sturdy garage door can weigh over 300 pounds, which makes even minor accidents extremely dangerous. Because a falling door can cause serious and potentially fatal injuries, federal safety regulations require every automatic garage door system to include optical safety sensors. Below is an overview of how these vital features work and how to tell if they aren’t performing properly.

An Introduction to Garage Door Safety Sensors

How They Work

Photoelectric sensors are the most common garage door safety devices on the market. Although manufacturers offer a variety of designs, they all work on the same principle. With these systems, two sensors are fitted along either side of the base of a garage door’s tracks. They’re situated about 6 inches off the floor and are aligned so an infrared beam can pass from one to the other.

garage doorAs long as the sensors can “see” each other, the system knows that it’s safe to close the door. If the infrared beam is interrupted by an object like a car, child, pet, or toy, the garage door will stop and reverse direction. This will keep something or someone from being pinched under a closing door.

Signs You Need to Repair Your Safety Sensors

Dirt and debris can also build up on the infrared eye, obscuring its vision. This could lead to periodic malfunctions. If the photo-eye is dirty, try cleaning it with a glass cleaner and soft cloth. 

Safety sensors can also be bumped out of alignment by playing children or a passing trash can. When this happens, the sensors on either side of the door should start blinking to indicate something is wrong. Your garage door may also refuse to close, even if there is nothing in the way. If your overhead door is behaving strangely, replacing the safety sensors will often correct the issue.


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