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What Home Electronics Require Regular Dusting? July 31, 2020

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What Home Electronics Require Regular Dusting?, Dayton, Ohio

Whether you clean your home yourself, or you hire a cleaning service, overlooking your electronic devices can affect how well they function. Keeping these items clean will ensure they will function like new for longer. Here are a few devices that need a little extra attention as you clean.

4 Electronic Devices to Dust Frequently

1. Computers

Your desktop computer uses vents and an interior fan to help keep it cool while it’s running, so it’s important to keep these areas clear of dust and debris. Spraying canned air into the fan will break loose any dust and gunk build-up. Then, the vents and ports can be wiped clean with a soft, micro-fiber cloth. Your computer tower should be cleaned at least once a year, but faster dust accumulation may require more frequent cleaning.

2. Keyboards and Mouses

The keyboard on your PC and laptop should be cleaned often with an alcohol-based disinfectant. The disinfectant should be sprayed on a soft micro-fiber cloth, which can be used to wipe the keyboard safely. You should also clean your computer mouse. Remove the plastic plate on the bottom of your mouse to dislodge the ball. The ball, along with the wheels on the inside of the mouse, should be wiped clean with the cloth.

3. T.V. Screens 

Cleaning ServiceYou can pay special attention to your television by cleaning the screen with window cleaner and a soft cloth. A high-quality window cleaner and a soft, micro-fiber cloth can help eliminate smudges and gunk that can collect on the screen over time without scratching the screen. 

4. Smart Speakers and Game Consoles

Other electronics, such as speaker and game consoles, can also be kept dust free using the same disinfectant spray and micro-fiber cloths. A new cloth should be used for every cleaning job. Any device with vents or open ports can be cleaned with the use of canned air, while exterior surfaces can be wiped clean with the disinfectant.


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