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A Patient's Guide to Dental Crowns August 28, 2020

North Issaquah, Issaquah Plateau
A Patient's Guide to Dental Crowns, Issaquah Plateau, Washington

If your dentist recently recommended that you get a dental crown, you may be wondering what this entails. This protective cap can be placed over your tooth to restore its strength for the long term. Learn more about this procedure below to ensure you take full advantage of the benefits it offers.

When Are Dental Crowns Necessary?

Dental crowns are used when traditional treatments aren’t enough to restore a tooth. Common examples include when a cavity is too broad or deep for a filling, or if a fracture or chip is too large for a dental bond to fix. A dentist may also use a crown to strengthen a tooth that’s been weakened by root canal therapy or been worn down over time. This cap preserves the remainder of the tooth and creates a surface that can be used for chewing food.

What Are They Made of?

crownThese products can be made from several materials. Porcelain is the most popular, as it’s strong, looks like the natural surface and color of a tooth, and can be easily shaped. Zirconia shares many of these perks, though it may wear down the teeth above or below. A gold composite made of copper and other metals is also durable and excellent for back teeth where it’s out of view.

How Are They Created?

First, your dentist will clean and take a mold of the tooth that needs the crown. They'll then send it to a dental lab where they'll shape the custom crown to fit the tooth and its neighbors comfortably. They may apply a temporary crown while the other is being created.

Once the crown is ready, the dentist will remove decay-causing bacteria and plaque from the tooth. The crown will then be secured with a strong adhesive during a simple, painless process that's generally completed in one session.


If you’re ready to enhance your smile with a dental crown, contact Apex Dental Care of Issaquah, WA. This practice has welcomed patients since 2002 and offers both general and cosmetic dentistry solutions. Their staff will address your immediate needs and create a comprehensive treatment plan to keep your teeth healthy. Call (425) 837-0383 to schedule a cleaning, and visit their website to learn more about their services.

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