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Do's & Don'ts of Kitchen Countertop Care August 24, 2020

East New York, Brooklyn
Do's & Don'ts of Kitchen Countertop Care, ,

Kitchen countertops offer a stable and sanitary area for meal preparation. Caring for surfaces made from laminate, stone, or butcher block requires specific products and techniques that will ensure they remain beautiful and undamaged over the years. Here’s some housekeeping advice for kitchen countertop maintenance. 


Avoid scouring pads.

Though you may feel tempted to remove food residue with scouring pads, they contain specks of silicon carbide that scratch natural stone and laminate countertops. Instead, use a soft cloth or sponge. Allow the cleaning solution to sit, soak in, and soften buildups so that you don’t have to wipe them as aggressively. 

Polish Occasionally

housekeepingIf you have granite, quartz, or marble countertops, use a conditioning stone polish on them every few years. Doing so will smoothen the surface and brighten the colors, which may become rough and faded over years of use and cleaning. 


Use harsh solutions.

Unfortunately, many housekeeping cleaners contain citrus and oils, which tend to break down the fibers of countertop surfaces, causing them to dull and deteriorate. Use water and regular dish soap to remove grease and debris. For more stubborn buildups near food prep and eating areas, apply a stone-safe cleaner.

Let spills sit.

When you spill coffee, red wine, or tomato sauce on your kitchen countertops, allowing them to sit for too long can leave unsightly stains. As soon as you notice spills, blot them up before their acids seep into the surface and cause damage. 


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