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What is Mediation & How Can It Help You Achieve Your Goals? December 16, 2015

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What is Mediation & How Can It Help You Achieve Your Goals?, Anchorage, Alaska

If you're getting a divorce, involved in a contract dispute, or having a disagreement with your landlord, mediation may be a much better form of dispute resolution than filing a lawsuit and taking the other party to court. The Law Office of Susan H. Carse in Anchorage explains how pursuing mediation can help you achieve the legal outcome you need while saving you money and possibly maintaining your relationship with the other party.

In mediation, both parties agree to abide by the decision of a neutral third party, often an attorney with specialized training in facilitating negotiations and experienced in helping disagreeing parties find mutually beneficial solutions. The agreements reached in a mediation session are legally enforceable but are often achieved at a fraction of the cost of pursuing a lawsuit.

Another advantage of mediation is its relative confidentiality: unlike open court, the discussions held during a session cannot be used against you in court later, allowing for frank, honest conversations that often lead to creative solutions to which all parties can agree. A mediator is there to help you and the other party work out the issue between you. This can be especially important when your dispute is with a family member, business partner, or anyone else with whom you want to remain on good terms.

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