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This Is The Best Bread To Use For Roast Beef Sandwiches June 30, 2020

Hialeah, Miami-Dade County
This Is The Best Bread To Use For Roast Beef Sandwiches, Hialeah, Florida

One of the most important ingredients in any sandwich is the bread. Choosing the right type of bread is key to highlight the flavor of the rest of the ingredients and to create a dish that will stand out from the rest. In the case of roast beef sandwiches, the best type of bread to use is one with a crispy crust and a light, airy crumb. If you have not tried it yet, we recommend you to consider Gallega bread, a traditional, artisan loaf from Northern Spain.

This rustic bread has more than 500 years of history and a long fermentation process that helps keep it fresh for longer. It is the most popular type of bread in Galicia, home to Santiago de Compostela, one of the main pilgrimage centers of the world. It is believed that Gallega bread was offered as a daily gift from villages along the ‘The Way of St James’ or ‘The Pilgrims Road’ to pilgrims from all over Europe to keep them from going hungry on their journey.

Europan sells authentic Gallega bread from Spain in two different sizes: full loaf and half-size. The later one is the perfect option to use for your roast beef sandwiches and will for sure delight your customers. Give us a call today at 305-392-5555 or order online at expressorder@europanusa.com.


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