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FAQ About Buying a Home With a Septic Tank August 18, 2020

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FAQ About Buying a Home With a Septic Tank, Brady, Michigan

While there are advantages to buying a home with a septic system, you’ll have to understand how that system operates. Learning about your new system and properly caring for it will help you reduce your need for septic maintenance and repairs. Here are some common questions that first-time buyers usually have about caring for their septic systems.

Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Septic Systems

What happens to waste as it leaves the home?

Your home’s plumbing will carry waste and water out to your septic tank, where it’s separated into three layers. On the bottom, heavy waste settles and mixes together to form a thick sludge, while lighter waste floats to the top as a filmy scum. The remaining water waste is drained out of the tank and deposited in your drainfield. Even though it’s drained continuously, the sludge and scum will build up over time, which will require regular septic tank cleaning services to be performed.

How frequently does the septic tank need to be drained?

Every household that uses this type of system will have to rely on professional septic services to help them keep their system in good operating condition. Although this involves draining the tank, how frequently it’s drained will depend on the size of the tank. For example, a medium-sized household with a 1,500 gallon tank will have to be drained every three to five years. 

Is well water still safe? Septic Maintenance

Many households that rely on a septic system also use well water instead of water supplied by a municipal water treatment facility. While this means your home’s potable water supply is kept separate from the waste water in your septic tank and drainfield, poor septic maintenance practices can cause the waste water to contaminate the well water. As long as you have your tank and drainfield inspected regularly, cleaned, and repaired as needed, your water source and outgoing waste will remain isolated from each other.

What are the signs of a full septic tank?

The most common signs to watch for a full septic system include flooding around your tank, unpleasant odors coming from your household drains, and lush vegetation on the land surrounding your tank. Additionally, frequent plumbing problems can result from the slower draining process that occurs as a tank starts to reach its limit.



Consulting a septic maintenance professional can help you learn more about caring for your system. Located in Oakley, MI, Sloan's Septic Tank Service provides inspections, cleaning, and maintenance for your septic system, while also providing portable restroom options. They also offer emergency responses to ensure you won’t get stuck with a septic problem overnight. To learn more about their services, visit their website, or, to request a service call, contact them at (989) 845-6280.

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