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5 Landscaping Projects to Increase Home Value August 4, 2020

Cromwell, Middlesex
5 Landscaping Projects to Increase Home Value, Cromwell, Connecticut

Many landscaping projects offer aesthetic and functional benefits to homeowners. For those considering a move within the next few years, these upgrades have an extra advantage. To the prospective homebuyer, the following features make a powerful first impression, and could even be the factor that compels them to make an offer.

What Landscaping Features Help Drive Curb Appeal?

1. Seasonal Elements

In locations that experience all four seasons, homebuyers want to see features that will bring their property to life throughout the year. Mix in seasonal elements such as evergreens and snowdrops for winter, bulbs that bloom in the spring, flowering perennials for the summer, and trees with vibrant fall foliage.

2. Edging & Mulching

landscapingWell-defined spaces direct the eye to various points across the landscape and are particularly attractive selling points. Enlist professional help to have your grass, flower beds, and other spaces properly edged. Then, use mulch to further accentuate the different areas and create an appealing contrast.

3. Low-Maintenance Features

While homebuyers want a lawn that looks lovely all year, most don’t expect to dedicate their entire weekends to it. If possible, add in features that require little maintenance. Breaking up the lawn with pathways, rock gardens, and mulch helps to minimize lawn care. You might also consider installing an irrigation system to make watering hassle-free.

4. Added Privacy

Hedges, climbing flowers, and other plant life don’t just add visual appeal. In many cases, they also add privacy to your property. Whether you have ground-level windows looking into bedrooms or a backyard closely situated to your neighbors, think of how you might cultivate a more secluded space with some foliage.

5. Strategically Placed Trees

Trees add shade to your property in the summer and can help keep harsh winds at bay in the winter. They also bring vertical elements to a landscape, thereby adding contrast and interest to the space. Pick the right location so roots won’t interfere with water lines or overhead power cables.


Whether you’re relocating in the future or settled into your forever home, The Lawn Surgeon LLC will enhance your property with their top-notch landscaping services. This family-run company offers a broad range of landscape management and installation services to homeowners throughout Middlesex County, CT, and has been serving the community since 1985. Get inspired by their portfolio of work online, or call (860) 635-1127 to speak with a team member.

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