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Why You Should Insulate a Commercial Building with Spray Foam August 25, 2020

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Why You Should Insulate a Commercial Building with Spray Foam, Eminence, Kentucky

Adequately insulating your property will protect it from cold and moisture in the winter and extreme heat during the summer. While there are many types of insulation on the market, spray foam insulation is known for being an extremely efficient option. As a result, commercial property managers are using the product in their buildings more frequently. Here are several reasons you should consider this type of insulation.

3 Reasons to Use Spray Foam Insulation for Your Commercial Building

1. Structural Integrity

Spray foam is made from dense polyurethane, and can also strengthen your building’s structural integrity. This material is strong enough to hold your walls together and can help your construction withstand heavy storms.

Because of its durability, it’s likely that you’ll never have to replace it. This can also mean fewer structural problems throughout your building, which will also save you money on repairs in the long run.

2. Energy Efficiency

spray foam insulationAn insufficiently insulated building will allow warm or cold air to escape. When this happens, your HVAC unit will have to work overtime to compensate, resulting in increased utility bills. This lack of insulation will also make your building temperature far less comfortable.

Apply spray foam insulation directly into small cracks, sealing all passages where air can escape. Not only will your building become more energy-efficient, but it will also produce lower monthly energy bills.

3. Less Noise & Odors

Spray foam’s ability to expand allows it to seal the hardest-to-reach areas, significantly reducing unwanted noises and odors throughout your building. It can also prevent allergens and air pollutants from entering the building.

This is beneficial for both company owners and employees. Sealing areas where air can flow through will prevent inconvenient disturbances that could hamper employees’ productivity, and keep customers happy and comfortable inside your building.


If you’re looking for reliable spray foam insulation for your commercial property, trust the experts at Energy Shield Spray Foam in Eminence, KY. This insulation contractor offers attic, roof, and basement insulation services to increase the energy efficiency of both residential and commercial buildings. You can count on their knowledgeable staff to explain their product’s benefits and offer solutions for your concerns. Find more information about their services online, or contact them at (502) 220-0231 if you have any questions.

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