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A Guide to NEMT Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic June 29, 2020

Norwood, Bronx
A Guide to NEMT Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Bronx, New York

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are learning to adjust to life with COVID-19. But if you’re dealing with a chronic disease or disability, you may be apprehensive about using a non-emergency medical transportation service. Luckily, these ride-for-hire companies understand that pre-existing health issues don’t stop for a pandemic. Use the following list to prepare for your next experience with NEMT services.

3 Facts to Know About NEMT Services & COVID-19

1. Your Driver Will Be Educated on Pandemic Protocol

As COVID-19 started to significantly affect everyday life, most NEMT service providers began offering additional training to their drivers and other personnel. Drivers were debriefed on all the risks of the new coronavirus, including how it spreads from person to person.

Each driver will be wearing a mask or face covering when they arrive to pick you up, and it’s expected that you will also wear one. They have also been instructed on proper hand-washing techniques, and to avoid face-touching on the job.

2. You May Be Advised to Take an Ambulance

new york nemt serviceWhen your non-emergency medical vehicle arrives at your residence, the driver will assess your condition before helping you into the car. If you appear to display any symptoms of the coronavirus, such as a severe dry cough, or if you mention having a fever, they may not be able to take you to your appointment.

Some companies will advise patients to take an ambulance. These vehicles will have the comprehensive equipment to handle patients with the virus, as well as the ability to them to a hospital for testing.

3. Your Vehicle Will Be Sanitized

Before the vehicles leave the business each day, the entire NEMT fleet is thoroughly sanitized. Between jobs, your driver will disinfect surfaces in and around the car, including the steering wheel, seatbelt buckles, and door handles.

Your driver may also be wearing gloves in an attempt to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. Even with these safety measures in place, however, you should wash your hands before and after entering the vehicle to further limit transference.


If you need NEMT services during the COVID-19 pandemic, rely on Agape Transportation. This Bronx, NY-based company offers a fleet of high-quality vehicles for patients throughout New York City and Westchester County. They are available 24/7, and with their help, you won’t have to put off your chemotherapy, dialysis, or checkup appointment due to the coronavirus. To learn more about their services, visit them online. Call (718) 585-2222 to request a ride.

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