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3 Ways VoIP Can Improve Your Business's Customer Service July 22, 2020

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3 Ways VoIP Can Improve Your Business's Customer Service, ,

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is a solution in which phone services are provided over the internet instead of traditional phone lines. Many companies have already moved toward this system, as it delivers many unique business advantages. In particular, here are some of the benefits it offers for your customer service department.

Customer Support Benefits of VoIP Systems

1. Prevent Missed Calls

Being unable to reach a staff member can be a significant deterrent for would-be customers. With VoIP solutions, you can avoid turning away potential business by setting up preferences, so calls are always forwarded to an available associate. Should all lines ever be busy, you can send the caller to a group inbox so someone will respond to them promptly.

2. Offer Remote Work Options

VoIPRemote work gives your employees added flexibility while also ensuring someone's available to assist customers whenever help is needed. Because VoIP uses the internet instead of traditional phone lines, you can set up options to allow for calls to be forwarded elsewhere. This means an employee can answer work calls from their cell or home phone when they can't make it into the office. Such flexibility leads to happier employees, which can translate to better overall customer service.

3. Reduce Customer Support Costs

Customer-facing functions can be a high cost for businesses, but quality support remains essential to overall company performance. Fortunately, you can reduce costs while still improving the customer experience with VoIP. Leveraging the internet to manage your phone systems can bring expenses down, as this option doesn’t require the installation of traditional legacy phone systems. You’ll also save if you have clients or partners located internationally, as packages often include options for calls across the globe.


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