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4 Tips to Eat Crab Like a Pro July 4, 2020

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4 Tips to Eat Crab Like a Pro , Bon Secour, Alabama

Crab is one of the most popular menu items at almost any seafood restaurant. This crustacean isn’t just delicious—it’s also fun to eat. If you’ve never tried it before or want to refine your technique, use this guide to make your next night out even more enjoyable. 

How to Eat Crab In a Restaurant 

1. Gather Your Tools 

Eating crab is a messy job, but well worth the effort. When dining at a restaurant, you’ll be given all of the tools you need. This includes a crab mallet or small hammer, claw cracker, knife, picks, a bib, and plenty of napkins. You may also receive a bowl for rinsing and a basket for shells. 

2. Get Ready to Eat 

crabNext, flip the crap on its back and locate its “apron,” a small tab on the back shell. Remove this by pulling it back. This will reveal a split in the shell, where you can insert the knife to expose the meat and pull the crab apart into two halves.

Remove the gills and paddle on the crab’s front and rinse the cavity if necessary. Be careful to keep the meat in. 

3. Remove the Legs & Claws 

Now, insert your thumb into the joints and pull the legs and claws to separate them from the body. They should come off easily, but you can use the claw cracker or mallet if necessary. You might need to use force to get the job done. Use the mallet or claw cracker to break the hard shell on the claws. 

4. Retrieve the Meat 

Once the legs and claws are removed, use the pick or a small fork to retrieve the meat. You can use the mallet to crack the legs at the joint and the tip of your knife to pull out the meat. Don’t hit the shell too hard as this may leave shell bits in the meat.

Dip these pieces in melted butter or other sauces of choice. Some seafood restaurants offer options such as garlic or curry, for instance. Then move on to the rest of the crab using the same method. 


If your mouth is watering for some juicy crab, head to Baldwin County’s favorite seafood restaurant, Tin Top Restaurant & Oyster Bar. From catering to Mardis Gras, family dinners to romantic nights out, this steakhouse has something for everyone. Call (251) 949-5086 to make a reservation, inquire about upcoming live music nights, or arrange catering. Or, visit the website to see their menu, perfect for every occasion from brunch to happy hour and special occasions. 


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