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What to Do If Your Home Gets Broken Into August 19, 2020

Kenvil, Morris County
What to Do If Your Home Gets Broken Into, Kenvil, New Jersey

It’s natural to feel vulnerable following a break-in. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to restore your home’s security—and your peace of mind—promptly. From working with the police to changing your door locks, here’s what you should do in the aftermath. 

3 Steps to Take After a Home Break-In

1. Get a Police Report 

If the break-in happened while you were away, make sure to call the police on their nonemergency line as soon as possible. If the intruders stole anything, you’ll need to provide your insurer with an official police report before they’ll process your claim.

If, on the other hand, you called the police while the incident was still in progress, the responding officers should have already filed a report, which you can obtain by reaching out to your local police station.

2. Replace the Door Locks 

door locksEven if the intruder forced their way in, consider changing your door locks. This will help prevent future break-ins in case the perpetrator took a set of keys during the incident. Updated locks may also provide a sense of safety that is beneficial after a break-in.

3. Address Any Damage 

If the intruder broke any windows or damaged anything inside your home, repair or replace the affected items as soon as you can. Seeing the damage left in the wake of the break-in day after day will only contribute to your stress and anxiety.

If you can’t handle everything on your own, enlist help from a handyman—or from your loved ones—so you can move past the incident once and for all.


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