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FAQ About Wisdom Teeth Removal August 20, 2020

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FAQ About Wisdom Teeth Removal, Haslet, Texas

Wisdom teeth removal is a common outpatient dental surgery that removes unnecessary teeth behind the adult molars. Many teens and young adults undergo this procedure, but it's not unusual to have questions about it. If you want to learn more about wisdom teeth extraction, consider the answers below to some common questions about the process.

A Guide to Wisdom Teeth Removal

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to emerge in the mouth. They are the third set of molars to develop, and they usually arrive between the ages of 15 and 25. These molars are vestigial; they helped early humans grind plant matter when chewing, but they are no longer necessary for today's population.

Why should I remove them?

wisdom teeth removalThese teeth do not always come with problems, but sometimes they do. Their location in the back of the mouth is challenging to clean, and food particles can collect in this area, increasing the risk of cavities. Impacted teeth can also lead to periodontal disease or gum infections, which results in bone loss, damage to nearby teeth, and cysts.

What is an impacted wisdom tooth?

Impaction refers to a wisdom tooth that is beneath the gum's surface and is facing an odd angle. They do not have enough room to erupt fully, so they develop in an unusual position, typically sideways. Symptoms associated with impaction include swelling, gum bleeding, pain in the lower jaw, and headaches.

How long will it take to recover from an extraction?

After the extraction, you will need a few days to recover. While you should expect some discomfort after this procedure, it is usually not severe. However, swelling and pain when opening your jaw can last for a few weeks. Your dentist will also give you a guide of what to avoid while recovering, such as using straws when drinking.


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