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5 Popular Headstone Symbols & Their Meanings August 18, 2020

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5 Popular Headstone Symbols & Their Meanings, Fort Worth, Texas

Headstones help to memorialize the life of a departed loved one. To describe an aspect of their personality or the way they made others feel, many of these markers contain symbolic images, in addition to the person’s name, date of birth, and date of death. Here are several common ones and what they convey.

What Do Headstone Engravings Symbolize?

1. Oak Tree Leaves

Known for their strength and longevity, oak trees can be a reference to immortality—the enduring and undying effect of a loved one on their living relatives and friends—as well as hope for the deceased’s own eternal life. Sometimes, acorns are depicted beside the leaves, themselves a symbol of life and fertility. 

2. Anchors

This symbol is often used in Christianity to represent hope and fortitude. Different versions include a broken chain, which may symbolize the end of a life. In some circumstances, this might also make reference to the fact that the deceased was a seaman or served in the Navy. 

3. Hand-Holding

Headstones often feature an image of clasped hands. Living spouses often choose this symbol to represent their connection to the departed, as it refers to a bond that transcends even death.

4. Dove

headstonesPeace and eternal love are two common meanings for doves. The bird’s historical Christian origin is tied to Noah in the Bible, who released a dove to symbolize that the long flood was possibly coming to an end. Doves carrying olive branches inscribed on headstones typically mean hope after an arduous ordeal. 

5. Star

The star is found on headstones in many cultural and religious settings. Its general meanings are everlasting love, hope, and creation. In the Jewish community, the six-pointed star with two triangles represents faith while a similar version in Hinduism shows the balance between God and man. Christians view their five-pointed star as a symbol of the wounds sustained by Jesus Christ before and after the cross. 


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