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3 Types of Log Home Construction June 30, 2020

Bloomery, Hampshire
3 Types of Log Home Construction, Bloomery, West Virginia

As the first kind of structure assembled by settlers, log homes play an important role in American history. Despite all of the advancements made in home construction since then, they remain a popular alternative to contemporary architectural designs. When making plans to build a log home, you must determine which style you prefer. Here are some of the most common options to choose from.

A Guide to Log Home Construction

1. Full Scribe

This is the traditional log home style, which is made by stacking the logs horizontally on top of one another to form the interior and exterior walls. Grooves are cut into the underside of each log to create a tight fit.

Full scribe constructions are known for being considerably sturdy and having excellent rigidity that helps provide weather resistance and thermal efficiency. They typically only take a few days to build, but they require regular maintenance to ensure the joinery settles properly.

2. Post & Beam

home constructionOne of the most in-demand types of log home construction is the post and beam. This style involves using vertical posts with horizontal beams to provide structural support. After the frame is assembled, the rest of the walls are made with cinderblocks, stacked logs, or timber, and the interior beams are generally left exposed.

Since this style requires fewer logs, it’s a more cost-effective option. It’s also highly energy-efficient, low maintenance, and flexible with design guidelines, giving homeowners creative freedom.

3. Timber Frame

Similar to post and beam constructions, timber frames use logs that have been sawn flat to create a square profile rather than a round one. These structures allow minimal airflow to pass through, offering a high degree of efficiency.

They’re also flexible in design and can be covered with conventional siding materials. They tend to offer an elegant and sophisticated aesthetic with a significant amount of character.


If you’re ready to break ground on your log home construction, trust Hampshire Home Builders to carry out your vision using their vast industry experience. They offer high-quality craftsmanship and materials to ensure you get unparalleled value out of your investment. Based in Capon Bridge, WV, they’re proud to provide clients throughout the Eastern Panhandle and Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley with unique structures that preserve the beauty of nature. Call (304) 856-3875 to schedule a consultation, or visit their website to view a gallery of their previous work.

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