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5 Benefits of a Card Access Control System for Your Business June 29, 2020

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5 Benefits of a Card Access Control System for Your Business, Tacoma, Washington

Access control systems eliminate the need for traditional keys and provide your staff with coded cards to get them into the building as well as through other doors in the facility. This security measure comes with a long list of benefits. If you are considering a card access system, here are five to consider.

Why Choose a Card Access Control System for Your Business

1. Track Personnel

One of the main reasons to install a card access control system is to keep track of who is going in and out of the building. Whether you have a warehouse or an office, knowing when and where employees are will reduce theft, damage, and other problems.

The system logs employee movements and the times the cards are swiped by their individual codes. It also reduces the chances of a stranger or former employee from getting in since they won’t have working cards.

2. Eliminate Key Issues

access control systemMany companies give their employees keys, but the issue with traditional keys is that they can get lost, stolen, or copied. Anyone can pick up a lost key and gain access.

You also don’t want a disgruntled former employee getting inside to do harm. With a card system, once an employee is terminated or a card is lost, it’s simple to remove their code from the system.

3. Protect Sensitive Data

Your business may have an area containing sensitive information, and you don’t want every person to access it. Cards in an access control system can be set with clearance levels so that not every card will work in every area unless that employee is granted permission. If strangers, vendors, and staff try to get in, they will have a difficult time.

4. Connect Locations

If your company has multiple locations, your access cards can be used across buildings. This makes it easier for employees to move back and forth between facilities without having to carry multiple keys or having to wait for others to let them in to do their job.

5. Boost Safety

Keys take longer to use than a card swipe. If your team works late or you are concerned about safety in your area, it’s easier for employees to come and go without fumbling trying to use a key. The door locks behind them automatically to keep the building and anyone inside secure.


When you are ready to install an access control system for your business, call Robblee’s Total Security. Located in Tacoma, WA, and operating since 1918, the company offers everything you need to protect your property, from security control systems and CCTV cameras to alarm systems and safes. Their card access systems can support one or multiple locations so that every facility is protected. They also offer 24-hour emergency care. Call (253) 627-5448 to learn about security options or visit them online for their residential and commercial security selections.

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