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​3 Reasons You Might Want A Dentist to Replace Your Silver Fillings December 11, 2015

Midtown East, Manhattan
​3 Reasons You Might Want A Dentist to Replace Your Silver Fillings, Manhattan, New York

Depending on when and where you had dental work done in the past, you might be familiar with those old silver fillings that have since made way for more up-to-date material, and you may be wondering if you should have them replaced with modern, tooth-colored fillings. The dentists at United Dental Group of New York, NY offer a full array of oral care services, from general teeth cleaning to root canals, cosmetic dentistry, and more. If you're considering replacing your old silver fillings, here are some factors they suggest you take into consideration.

• Silver Fillings Hide Deeper Damage: Those old silver fillings might have done their job in filling a previously decayed tooth, but further cavities and decay can hide underneath. While X-rays can be used to get a better look at what's really going on under there, there's still a small percentage of the area hidden, thanks to the opacity of the metal.

• Higher Risk of Cracking: Since silver fillings don't serve to strengthen teeth, they have the potential to raise the risk of cracks. Biting down on a tooth with a silver filling will often transfer the force to the rest of the actual tooth, making it more likely that the tooth will chip or crack in some way.

• Prevention Assistance: These issues and more combine to make it more difficult to detect future issues with silver fillings. Tooth-colored fillings allow for a better means of prevention, both in the way they allow for more accurate X-rays and the various visual signifiers that let you know there's more work to be done on that particular tooth.

Since 1991, the dentists at United Dental Group have been helping patients maintain healthy smiles, as well as providing everything you're looking for in a dental office: exceptional dentists and support staff, affordable prices, convenient locations, and cutting-edge technology that provides the highest level of comfort and care. So whether you're considering changing your fillings, need a root canal, or are just looking for a simple checkup and teeth cleaning, they've got you covered.

To schedule your appointment with a dentist at United Dental Group, visit them online for more information, or give them a call at (212) 904-0300 today.

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