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3 Ways to Improve Traction In the Snow August 10, 2020

Eastside, Paterson
3 Ways to Improve Traction In the Snow, Paterson, New Jersey

Winter driving is always a challenge, especially when a heavy snowfall makes roads slippery and hazardous. Whether you’re dealing with a blizzard or a dusting of snow, increasing the traction of your tires is essential for keeping control of your vehicle. Below are a few tips that can help prevent accidents in the winter.

How to Increase Tire Traction

1. Invest In Snow Tires

Snow tires feature studs or special tread patterns designed to firmly grip snowy or icy roads. At the beginning of winter, you simply swap out your all-weather tires until spring arrives, which makes this one of the most convenient options. However, snow tires can damage clear roads and asphalt, so remember to change them back at the end of the season.

2. Install Snow Chains

tiresSnow chains wrapped around the wheels provide traction in deep snow or uncleared roads. Unlike snow tires, chains are meant to be removed when there’s no snow on the ground. You’re also limited to speeds of 30 mph when driving with snow chains or cables.

3. Weigh Down the Car

Most vehicles have engines mounted in the front, which means rear-wheel-drive cars often get stuck in the snow. Putting sandbags or other weights in the trunk pushes your tires down into the ground, increasing traction and reducing the risk of spinning out of control. While this approach does improve your handling, it also reduces your vehicle’s storage space and could impact your gas mileage.


With a huge selection of products from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers, 21 Ave Tire Repair can help any driver stay safe on the road this winter. Their friendly staff is dedicated to uncompromising quality and exceptional customer service, with most appointments finished in 15 minutes or less. Visit their website for more on their services, or call (973) 225-0923 to make an appointment today.

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