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A Guide to Commercial Security in Shared Office Buildings July 16, 2020

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A Guide to Commercial Security in Shared Office Buildings, Elyria, Ohio

Many business owners are opting to move operations into shared buildings instead of leasing private spaces. It’s often cheaper to rent one section of a floor for employees to spread out instead of an entire building. As you are sharing the space with other companies, you can’t control who has access to the building. To protect your assets, below is a guide to security issues that could arise and how a commercial locksmith can address them.  

What Are the Common Security Concerns in Shared Office Buildings?

Streamlining security protocol is a common issue in shared offices, as each company might have employees and visitors follow different guidelines. This is often the case when it comes to check-in at the building entrance. Some companies might require visitors to sign in with the front desk attendant, while others might allow guests to come straight to the office. This means there might not be a record of who was on your floor when a theft or another incident occurred. 

How Can You Boost Business Security?

commercial locksmithKeeping a clear line of communication open with the building owner and onsite managers is the first step in bolstering the security of your business. Let building personnel know whether your business needs tighter restrictions than what’s included in the building’s security plan. If so, you can discuss additional measures to take.

A commercial locksmith, for example, could install access control pads in the building lobby, elevator bank, and entrance doors to your business. This way, you will have a log of when employees entered the building and what areas they accessed. A commercial locksmith can also install surveillance cameras on your floor to deter trespassing and capture footage of any crimes that occurred. To restrict employees’ access to different areas, the locksmith can also create a master key system.   


To protect your business in a shared building, reach out to the Certified Master Locksmith at Elyria Locksmith Service, Inc. Based in Elyria, OH, the commercial locksmith has been providing door hardware and access control installation, lock repair, key replacement, and additional services to increase the security of businesses throughout Lorain County for over 38 years. See all the ways the locksmith can help online. To schedule a free consultation and hear about the 90-day service and material warranty, call (440) 366-5625 and share your feedback on Facebook

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