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3 Roles That Make Up a Real Estate Agent's Support Team September 4, 2020

Downers Grove, DuPage
3 Roles That Make Up a Real Estate Agent's Support Team, Downers Grove, Illinois

As a real estate agent, you may start off building a name on your own. When your network expands, however, your daily responsibilities will follow suit. That’s why many agents secure support staff to free up time to work with clients and reach their full sales potential. Here’s a closer look at three of these crucial roles—and why you should bring them into the fold.

What Job Roles Support a Successful Real Estate Agent?

1. Sales Assistant

This team member will handle the administrative duties that fill up your to-do list. They should be able to multitask well, switching between answering phone calls, updating the client database, and printing out listings for you to bring to showings.

The assistant might also step in and respond to emails when you’re unavailable or monitor your online marketing campaigns remotely. If you need a helping hand at an open house, they’ll be your first phone call.

2. Title Representatives

real estateBefore a property can be sold, it must undergo a title search. This involves looking back at all past records of the land or building to ensure the current owner actually owns the property. If they don’t—or if past owners have a lien on the property—the closing process becomes a lot more complicated.

That’s why you need a title representative on your support team. They’ll not only oversee the title search but also update you on any concerns regarding the results. They can also facilitate the title transfer and secure a title insurance policy. Since this is such an involved, niche area of the real estate industry, it’s valuable to have an employee who’s fully concentrated on this role.

3. Transaction Coordinator

As a real estate agent, your main priority will be to showcase available properties and encourage interest among buyers.  If this role is taking up the majority of your working hours, you might need to hire a transaction coordinator.

This individual will be in charge of the actual sale of the property—in other words, the document drafting and signing that takes place after you’ve gotten a buyer to make an offer. They'll stay with your clients every step of the way, from the home inspection to the final closing meeting. If the house is stuck in escrow, they can also manage the sale while you move on to other clients.


If you’re eager to build a team like the one above, EXIT Realty Upper Midwest will give your career the resources it needs. The fastest-growing real estate firm in the Midwest states is always looking for new agents who are interested in beginning new chapters of their lives. With free training and the opportunity for cash residuals, you can make the most out of your journey with EXIT. To learn more about the company, visit the website or call (651) 505-3570 today. 

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