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How Technology Is Transforming Real Estate August 26, 2020

Downers Grove, DuPage
How Technology Is Transforming Real Estate, Downers Grove, Illinois

Technology is constantly changing the way people do business, and real estate is no exception. Advancements and innovations in the way agents list, buy, and sell homes has made the process easier than ever. Here’s a closer look at the major ways the digital age is impacting the industry right now.

4 Ways Technology Is Changing the Real Estate Market

1. MLS Listings

A multiple listing service (MLS) is a database that agents and brokers use to view property listings with the goal of connecting potential home buyers with sellers. MLS listings provide convenient access to comprehensive home information, from the address and square footage to renovation history and school districts. This technology allows an accelerated process of finding ideal properties for clients.

2. Virtual Reality

real estateVirtual reality is an exciting aspect of modern technology. While it’s commonly used for entertainment, the real estate industry has started making use of its immersive capabilities. Rather than simply relying on photos, homebuyers can now take 3D virtual tours of a property and evaluate it as if they were there. This gives agents and brokers the ability to show properties without needing to set them up or show them in person.

3. Social Media

Just about everyone is on social media these days. When agents and brokers use websites like LinkedIn and Facebook strategically, they can increase exposure, showcase their special skills, build their brand, and share advice and experiences with others within the industry. If you post consistently and create engaging content that drives interaction, you can attract potential clients and build valuable relationships with colleagues.

4. The Cloud

Cloud platforms have made a major impact on the notoriously drawn-out closing process. The cloud completely streamlines everything, taking a once long and arduous operation that could last months and cutting it down to just a few days. Data storage and management, file sharing, agent-to-client communication, and secure and legal electronic signatures have never been more efficient.


If you’re looking for better ways to integrate technology as an agent, connect with EXIT Realty Upper Midwest. As the fastest-growing real estate firm in Iowa and several cities across the Midwest, this team will bring your career to the next level. They’re dedicated to helping you develop a successful franchise or start you off as a new agent, offering free training, exciting leadership opportunities, and a residual income. Visit their website to learn how they’re using technology to invest in the success of their brokers and agents. To start planning your future, call (651) 505-3570 today.

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