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Increase Productivity With a Well-Stocked, Eco-Friendly Break Room: 4 Tips From Green Castle Business Solutions November 30, 2015

Metropolitan Hill - Beach Street, Boston
Increase Productivity With a Well-Stocked, Eco-Friendly Break Room: 4 Tips From Green Castle Business Solutions, Boston, Massachusetts

There is a growing body of evidence that a comfortable, inviting break room is essential to productive office culture. It’s important to give employees a place to relax, re-charge away from their workstations, and bond with co-workers. A pleasant place within the office to eat lunch or take a morning coffee break encourages time-management and healthy eating habits—fighting for elbow room in a crowded diner or scarfing down a greasy slice of pizza is hardly a morale-boosting break from the daily grind. We at Green Castle Business Solutions in Boston, MA, believe that a well-stocked break room is one of the best ways to ensure employee satisfaction and productivity.

Here are four things no break room should be without:

  • Good Coffee: Providing coffee (and tea) is one of the easiest ways to make workers feel valued and help them stay focused. Every office has different budgeting concerns, but good coffee is Green Castle--coffee successone of the most affordable ways to motivate the whole team. Green Castle offers a variety of excellent coffee and tea brands.
  • Hydration Station: Study after study shows that staying hydrated is crucial to keeping the body and mind healthy and strong. A quick stretch of the legs and walk to the water cooler is a win-win. Green Castle has several eco-friendly hydration options from which to choose.
  • Nutritious Snacks: Healthy snacks like protein bars and instant oatmeal will help your employees to power through that afternoon slump. The occasional sweet treat doesn’t hurt either! Mix it up with Green Castle’s many snack choices.
  • Cleaning Supplies: Nobody likes a dirty break room. Encourage everyone to pitch in with our environmentally friendly products that help keep the planet beautiful while maintaining the cheerful sparkle of countertops, appliances, and lunch tables.

Visit the Green Castle Business Solutions website to get started on an eco-friendly, standout break room today. Your people will thank you with increased loyalty and productivity! 

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