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3 Tips for Choosing a Motorcycle Helmet August 20, 2020

Fairfield, Butler
3 Tips for Choosing a Motorcycle Helmet, Fairfield, Ohio

Buying a motorcycle can lead to exciting new life experiences. However, before you start adventuring, you’ll need additional protection, such as insurance and a motorcycle helmet. While motorcycle insurance will protect you from the financial aspects of an accident, a high-quality helmet could save your life. Here are some tips to help you find the right headgear.

What to Look for in a Motorcycle Helmet

1. Inspect the DOT Sticker

A sticker that shows certification from the Department of Transportation (DOT) indicates that the helmet will provide sufficient protection. This sticker means that a helmet meets the safety standards of the DOT, and they qualify it for use on motorcycles. Not all helmets meet these requirements, so check for this label before you buy one.

2. Test the Fit

insuranceA motorcycle helmet should provide a comfortable, snug fit. This means you should try on all options before purchasing one. Check that the chin strap fastens securely to the helmet and that it matches your head size and shape. While the covering shouldn’t be applying pressure to your head, you should ensure that you cannot fit your fingers between your head and the material. A loose helmet won’t provide enough protection during an accident.

3. Choose Correctly

Much like how you should tailor motorcycle insurance to your riding habits, you should also do this with the helmet. For example, if you ride your motorcycle on a track, you will need a helmet with a sufficient Snell Foundation® rating. These options provide extra protection at high speeds and are more durable in an impact. For everyday street riding, choosing between an open-face or half-shell helmet depends on personal preferences.


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