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What Are the Steps to Take Before Drilling a Wisconsin Water Well? June 23, 2020

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What Are the Steps to Take Before Drilling a Wisconsin Water Well?, Oconto Falls, Wisconsin

For residents of rural areas who don’t have access to a municipal water supply, the best solution is a private water well. However, before you commence with well drilling, you must comply with certain regulations and requirements. Below are the steps to take before installing a water well in Wisconsin.

Obtain a Well Construction Notification Number 

Residential well drilling can interfere with the water table and result in the pollution of natural resources if it’s done improperly. Therefore, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) requires you to provide them with advance notice before you drill. To do this, you must apply for a well construction notification number (WCNN), either online or anywhere you can purchase a Wisconsin hunting or fishing license. Keep the receipt—with the notification number listed—for your records. 

If you intend to install a high-capacity well, instead of a residential one, that can withdraw more than 100,000 gallons per day, you need written approval from the DNR. The approval notice will explain how to apply for a WCNN.

Contact a Licensed Well Drilling Contractor

well drillingIn Wisconsin, only licensed contractors can install or deepen a well, or install or repair a well pump. There are exceptions that exist for those who own and inhabit the property or install a non-potable well.  Nevertheless, no matter who performs the installation, all work must comply with the State Private Well Code, and the DNR requires the submission of a Well Construction Report. Therefore, the best solution is to contact an experienced well drilling professional to ensure you comply with all of the guidelines and paperwork requirements. 


If you seek a reliable water well drilling contractor, contact Luisier Drilling in Oconto Falls, WI. They write up well plans for state approval and offer a ten-year guarantee on wells they drill. As a family-owned and operated contractor, they offer 24/7 support and have served Oconto County and the surrounding areas since 1936. Learn more about their services on their website or call (920) 848-5239 to make an appointment.

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