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3 Aspects to Consider Before Your Attic Finishing Project Begins August 10, 2020

Winnetka Hills, Crystal
3 Aspects to Consider Before Your Attic Finishing Project Begins, Crystal, Minnesota

Attic finishing is a valuable home improvement that can benefit your family in many ways. You’ll enjoy increased living space, but it can also serve as a hobby room or a storage area. But before your renovation contractor begins working, there are several important factors to keep in mind. Here’s what you need to know.

What to Remember Before Your Attic Refinishing Work Begins

1. Make Sure It Meets Size Requirements

Before work commences, you need to be certain that it’s suitable for the project. There needs to be enough space to allow for an accessible staircase and landing area if these aren’t already present.

The attic also needs to meet specific building code requirements, including specifications for height, width, and available headroom. The International Residential Code states that a habitable space must measure, at a minimum, 70 square feet, and at least half of the attic must include a seven-foot ceiling.

2. You May Need to Modify the Roof

Minneapolis, MN attic finishingIt might also be necessary to restructure the roof so that you don’t sacrifice its integrity when renovating the attic. For example, if it doesn’t meet the seven-foot clearance requirement for the ceiling, your contractor will have to elevate the roof.

And, both rafters and trusses must be removed to create an adequate living area in the attic. Moreover, the roof’s framework must be designed to accommodate insulation, another feature that must meet specific code requirements.

3. You Need to Include Habitable Features

To transform the space fully, your attic finishing project also needs to include features that make it habitable. This includes a source of natural light, appropriate ventilation, a heating source, and some type of emergency exit. Usually, this is a door or a window that provides access to an adjacent balcony or a deck.  


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