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3 Signs You Need New Spark Plugs August 12, 2020

Twin, Ross
3 Signs You Need New Spark Plugs, Twin, Ohio

When you turn your car key in the ignition, the engine should come roaring to life. If it doesn’t or seems sluggish once it’s running, your spark plugs may be to blame. These auto parts provide the spark that ignites the fuel and allows an internal combustion engine to work. If your spark plugs are failing and need auto maintenance, they may show the signs below.

When Should You Replace the Spark Plugs in a Car?

1. Trouble Starting

An engine that won’t start can have several causes, such as failing spark plugs, an aging battery, or a clogged fuel filter. When the fuel pump injects gas into your engine, the spark plugs ignite the fuel, creating the necessary energy to drive the pistons. When spark plugs are failing, the motor may misfire several times before starting, or it may not start at all.

2. Difficulty Accelerating

auto maintenanceWhen you step on the gas pedal, you should feel an immediate response as the engine surges forward. However, if you press the pedal and only get a slow crawl, your spark plugs may be faulty. In newer cars, this can be a miscommunication between the car’s computer and the plugs. However, a spark plug could also be dirty or damaged, which requires auto maintenance to fix.

3. Lowered Fuel Economy

In its ideal condition, a spark plug will boost your car’s gas efficiency. Misfiring plugs waste fuel, and your vehicle will need to burn more gas to accelerate and reach your destination, costing considerable money over time. However, a quick auto maintenance trip can remedy this issue. In some cases, a mechanic will replace the plugs, but other times they will adjust the electrode distance to restore performance. They may also clean any corrosion off of the surface to provide a better spark.


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