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3 New Movies to Get Excited About This Summer August 14, 2020

Falco, Covington
3 New Movies to Get Excited About This Summer, Falco, Alabama

After many months spent at home, it’s time to get excited about going back to the movie theater. This summer will bring with it some incredible blockbusters—possibly even more than a typical summer since many movie releases were delayed due to the pandemic. Plan a trip to the luxury movie theater with your family and friends to see one of these exciting new releases.

Which Movies Are Coming Out in Summer 2020?

1. “Mulan”

The long-awaited live action “Mulan” brings this legendary Chinese warrior to life on the screen once again, starring Liu Yifei as the title character. When the emperor of China issues a decree that one man per family must serve in the Imperial Army, Mulan takes the place of her elderly father. She masquerades as a man to protect her country, emperor, and family from the northern invaders. This movie is set to release on July 24th.

2. “The Secret Garden”

theater“The Secret Garden,” brought to you by the producer of the “Harry Potter” series, brings Frances Hodgson Burnett’s novel to the silver screen. This film stars Dixie Egerickx, Colin Firth, and Julie Walters. A young orphaned girl goes to live with her strict uncle in Yorkshire, England, in 1947. She finds a secret garden while exploring his estate, and in turn, she and her sickly cousin experience astounding magic. This movie is scheduled to release on August 14th.

3. “A Quiet Place Part II”

This film is a sequel to the popular horror film “A Quiet Place,” released in 2018. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world where large monsters with super-sensitive hearing attack at the slightest sound. Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds, and Noah Jupe return to their roles from the first film. The family is forced to leave their home and fight for survival in new territory after the destruction of the first film. This film is set to release on Labor Day.


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