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4 Do’s & Don’ts of Selling Your Property In Coon Rapids, MN June 29, 2020

Coon Rapids, Anoka
4 Do’s & Don’ts of Selling Your Property In Coon Rapids, MN, Coon Rapids, Minnesota

Selling your property allows you to start a new chapter of your life, but it can be a complex process. Houses can sit on the market for a long time or be sold for less than they’re worth if the proper steps aren’t taken to ensure otherwise. Below are several do’s and don’ts to follow when you’re preparing to sell your property. 


Work with a real estate agent.

propertyA realtor can market your home efficiently, playing up its features, such as a pool or deck, while handling showings and negotiations. They’ll list your home across multiple platforms, like online and in local realty listing books, and network with other agents to maximize the amount of interest in it.

Competition and high desirability can push buyers to make larger offers, getting you the most for your home.

Make showings easy for potential buyers.

Keep your home tidy and decluttered so it’s always ready to show. Move items that aren’t being used or take up too much space—such as a couch or dining room table—to a storage unit. Leave parking available for interested parties, and be willing to let your agent show the property at a moment’s notice if possible.


Invest in massive renovations before moving.

Big projects, such as home remodels or additions, may use up a large portion of your budget. If you’re planning on moving to a new home, avoid investing in renovations, as they may not end up giving you a higher return on investment.

However, smaller touches, like new paint or fixing holes in walls or the driveway, are sometimes the ideal option to revamp your home’s appearance without spending more money than you’ll get back.

Sell your home for less than it’s worth.

Your real estate agent has a wealth of statistics available to help determine the value of your home, such as how much other homes in the area have sold for, what the ratings are for the school district your home is in, and crime rates for your area. Ask them for this information and their own speculations, and take into account any recent updates or desirable features your home has.

Set a fair asking price based on the information you have, and during negotiations, try to stay as close to your asking price as possible so you get what your home is worth.


Do you need an experienced and efficient realty company to help sell your property? EXIT Realty Nexus in Coon Rapids, MN, has over 60 real estate agents on their team. Since 2004, they’ve helped buyers and sellers in the area get the most from their investments and homes, with a wide network of connections and clients. They have online tools and advice to help you and may be able to get you an instant offer on your home. Learn more about their services online and call (763) 548-1400 to list your house.

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