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How to Dress a Deceased Loved One for Burial June 25, 2020

Grandview, Hamilton
How to Dress a Deceased Loved One for Burial, Grandview, Ohio

Planning a loved one's funeral service is never easy, and choosing their burial clothes presents a unique set of challenges. If the deceased didn't make their clothing preferences clear, pick something that reflects how they lived. Below are a few tips to help you choose a loved one's final outfit.

3 Considerations When Choosing Burial Attire

1. Consider the Formality

Before selecting your loved one's final outfit, reflect on the type of funeral service you're holding. For services that will be in a place of worship, select formal attire, such as their favorite suit or dress. For nontraditional services, choose more casual apparel, such as a holiday sweater, sundress, lucky hat, or favorite sports jersey. This will remind the attendees of who the deceased was during their lifetime and can bring joy to an otherwise sad experience.

2. Recognize Religious Considerations

funeral servicesIf your loved one was religious, or their funeral will follow cultural customs, traditions associated with their beliefs might dictate the specific clothing. If you're unsure of these practices, contact a leader within their religious organization to learn about the customs, as well as any particular attire your loved one should wear to adhere to them. For example, during a Jewish funeral, a deceased male might wear their yarmulke in the casket.

3. Incorporate Their Style

Reflect on the deceased’s sense of style and what they would choose to wear. Reference photos of your loved one to remind you of their unique fashion sense, and look for specific outfits or garments that might work as their burial clothing. Keep in mind personal preferences such as their favorite color, style of dress, and accessories that were significant to them, such as hats, jewelry, or scarves.


If you're planning a loved one’s funeral service, contact the compassionate and professional team at Dennis George Funeral Home in Cleves, OH. For over 20 years, their team has been helping families throughout Miami Township and Hamilton County plan beautiful memorial services that honor the memory and legacy of their loved ones. Call (513) 941-6700 to speak to a funeral director. Visit the website to learn more about their services.

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