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A Guide to Controlling Your Home’s Moisture June 25, 2020

Maineville, Warren
A Guide to Controlling Your Home’s Moisture, Maineville, Ohio

While you can call professionals for pest removal, no treatment plan is complete without preventative pest control. For example, water attracts many different insects and wildlife, so you can discourage infestations by keeping moisture levels low in your home. Below are a few adjustments that make a significant difference in deterring pest issues.

3 Ways to Control Moisture in Your Home 

1. Fix Plumbing Issues 

If you are aware of a plumbing problem, repair it right away. Even small leaks can raise moisture and humidity levels in your home, and they often grow without prompt attention. Putting this off will increase your energy bills and draw unwanted creatures toward the affected areas.

Also, maintaining your pipes is a crucial aspect of preventative pest control. Insulate them in the winter to prevent the water from freezing and breaking the material. Pour baking soda and white vinegar into the drains at least once a year to clean them, and don’t flush solid objects that won’t dissolve. Clogs can push wastewater into your home and cause moisture damage, creating an environment for pests.

2. Use Fans

pest controlShowering and cooking are two actions that will temporarily add moisture to the air. However, you can still practice preventative pest control by controlling the amount of water. Turn on a fan and open vents or windows whenever performing these activities. If possible, put lids on your pots while boiling water. 

Also, the summer months are more humid than other times of the year, no matter what you’re doing. Keep small dehumidifiers throughout the home and turn them on during particularly wet days. 

3. Seal Cracks & Leaks 

Roofs, windows, doors, and siding can crack due to weather or impact damage, letting rainwater and moist air into the home. These openings can also allow bedbugs, cockroaches, termites, spiders, and mice inside. As part of your preventative pest control routine, examine these areas carefully and caulk any cracks that you see. If the damage is extensive, replace them entirely. 

Check your gutters, as well. A cracked or crooked channel cannot direct rainwater to the ground, allowing it to soak through cracks in your roof or foundation and create moisture issues inside.


Whether you need preventative pest control or an exterminator to remove an infestation, contact Bug-A-Pest in Maineville, OH. With more than 25 years of experience in freeing homes from pests, they are Mason’s leading pest control service, offering customized treatment options for your issues. Their fully licensed and BBB-accredited technicians are proudly committed to your satisfaction. To schedule a visit, call (513) 459-7700. Visit them online for more information about their services.

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