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4 Kinds of Home Insulation & Their Benefits June 25, 2020

4 Kinds of Home Insulation & Their Benefits, Green, Ohio

Heating and cooling your living space contributes heavily to your utility costs. Luckily, there are ways of reducing energy spendature. In particular, upping your home insulation can keep the air treated by your HVAC unit inside your house so that it doesn’t have to keep producing more warm or cool air. Here are a few different types of insulation that can help you make your home more energy-efficient.

Where Could Your Home Use More Insulation?

1. Batt Insulation for Walls

This product is used when rebuilding walls to provide a thicker barrier between wall studs. It comes in two types. Faced batt insulation contains an extra paper layer that resists moisture. This makes it more expensive but also gives it an extra layer of protection than unfaced insulation. It also has a higher "R-Value," or thermal resistance factor. Now mildew and mold-resistant, it wards against fungal growth.

2. Floor Insulation for Floors

Contractors can install floor insulation between levels. It comes in rolls, looking similar to batt insulation. In addition to stopping heat from rising between floors, it also acts as a sound barrier, which can be useful if you have rambunctious children or pets.

3. Spray Foam for Hard-to-Reach Spots 

Home InsulationThis foam can be sprayed in small crevices, over wiring, and around plumbing to ensure these areas are protected from temperature fluctuations and pests. As the foam dries, it expands to more than 100 times its original size, helping to form a strong barrier. This is especially useful in the winter when exposed pipes might freeze, crack, and lead to home water damage.

4. Overhead Insulation in Your Attic

While spray foam insulation can also be used to address specific challenges in your attic, most of the time, contractors will use fiberglass blowing wool insulation. This product is applied as a blanket; its thickness level corresponds to its R-Value and can be adjusted according to your own specifications. This type of insulation is non-combustible and, because it’s also moisture resistant, reduces the likelihood of mold.


Investing in home insulation is one of the best ways to keep your energy costs low all year round. Located in Cincinnati, OH, Priority 1 Construction Service has 20 years of experience in meeting the insulation needs of homeowners while providing friendly and knowledgeable customer service. To view their full range of services, visit them online. To request an estimate, call them at (513) 922-0203.

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