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How to Find the Right Shoes for Tap Dancing June 24, 2020

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How to Find the Right Shoes for Tap Dancing, Newark, Ohio

It’s exciting to take your little one to their first tap dancing class. From meeting new friends to learning the routines, each step will boost their confidence and prove what they can accomplish. However, you have to ensure that they have the right pair of shoes since neglecting to do so could cause discomfort and detract from the experience. Consider the following to find the perfect fit.

4 Tips for Choosing Tap Dancing Shoes

1. Ask Their Teacher

With their familiarity of the different types of taps, these professionals could provide valuable insight on selecting the right pitch as well as the tightness of the fit. They also understand the individual needs of their students and can offer sizing recommendations to help increase comfort.

2. Select a Bigger Size

tap dancingMake sure your child has plenty of room to grow by purchasing a shoe that’s slightly larger than their current size. This prevents the toes from cramping and allows the foot to adjust to the unique design. You can always have them wear thicker socks to prevent the shoes from slipping around too much during practice.

3. Find the Right Style

Tap shoes are available in lace-up, ribbon-tie, slip-on, and buckled variants. Each provides a snug fit and will keep the material in place. If your child can’t quite tie their own laces, then you might want to look at the simpler designs. Otherwise, an open front, ribbon-tie style is the most common option for children.

4. Know When to Upgrade

Dancing in worn-out shoes can cause a minor level of discomfort, so provide proper support by securing timely upgrades. At the start of every season, inspect the shoes for material that’s pulling away from the sole or stitches that are ripping along the seam. If they appear a little worse for wear, then it’s probably time for a new pair.


If your child is showing interest in tap dancing, sign them up for lessons at Joan Garrett Dance Arts Studio in Newark, OH. This dance studio has been in the business for more than 50 years and provides programs in jazz, hip-hop, pointe, and tap. Their instructors are original students of the studio and have experience working with world-renowned choreographers and performers. Call (740) 344-8789 to meet with an instructor or message them online.