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3 Tips for Picking Out a Final Outfit for Your Loved One June 23, 2020

Fort Mitchell, Kenton
3 Tips for Picking Out a Final Outfit for Your Loved One , Fort Mitchell, Kentucky

When planning the funeral services for a loved one, there are many important decisions to make. If there will be a traditional open casket viewing or burial, you’ll want to select an appropriate final outfit carefully. Here are a few factors to consider when making this decision.

How to Choose Clothing for the Deceased

1. Check for Final Wishes

Identify your loved one’s final wishes to decide which outfit will be most appropriate for the occasion. For instance, a viewing and funeral will likely call for a formal outfit, such as a suit or dress. However, some individuals who pre-plan their own funeral services may select their final attire in advance. Check their closet to see if a special outfit has already been set aside.  

2. Consider Their Personality

funeral servicesIf your loved one hasn’t made any arrangements or their passing was unexpected, you’ll need to choose an outfit for them. In this case, consider both the formality of the funeral services as well as your loved one’s personality. You might consider incorporating personal touches into their outfit, such as a special piece of jewelry, a hat from a favorite sports team, or an article of clothing that was worn during a meaningful event.

3. Be Mindful of Any Customs

Finally, be sure to honor any religious or cultural requirements for end-of-life dressings. In religions such as Orthodox Judaism, for example, burial shrouds are required, which include a head covering. Islam also has a specific shrouding requirement, which entails covering the deceased with three white sheets. If your loved one practiced a specific religion, consult with a faith leader in the community for guidance.


Planning funeral services calls for the utmost attention to detail and respect of one’s wishes. The caring team from Middendorf Funeral Home is available to guide you through every decision during your family’s time of need. Having served Northern Kentucky since the late 1800s, this funeral home is dedicated to honoring the lives of community members with the greatest level of care. Find out more by visiting their website, or speak with a team member by calling (859) 341-7800.

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