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How to Prepare Your Oil Furnace for the Fall August 14, 2020

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How to Prepare Your Oil Furnace for the Fall, Ledyard, Connecticut

Once autumn starts, temperatures begin dropping quickly. Before cold weather arrives, it is important to ensure that your home’s heating system is ready for the months ahead, especially if you have an oil furnace. Take note of the following preparation tips to keep your home comfortable throughout the season and on through winter.

3 Oil Furnace Preparation Tips for Autumn

1. Check for Drafts

Having an efficient heating system means more than maintaining the furnace’s parts. You also need to check that your home is free from openings that allow hot air to escape and cold air to enter.

If you feel any drafts around windows or doors, look for gaps and cracks and seal them with weather stripping or caulk. Also, consider investing in double-pane windows, which provide better insulation and help decrease utility costs.

2. Have the System Inspected

oil furnaceAfter a summer of inactivity, your furnace could seize up. An HVAC technician will inspect the heat exchanger, wiring, fuel pump, and burner assembly. The professional will clean, repair, or replace parts as necessary. Scheduling this service ahead of winter ensures your oil furnace will run efficiently and reliably.

3. Schedule Fuel Delivery

After confirming that your equipment is working correctly and your home is sealed, make sure that you have enough oil in the tank. While some oil companies are available 24/7 in case homeowners run out of oil on a cold night, it is a smart idea to resupply sooner. Heating oil tends to get more expensive as the demand goes up in winter, so schedule delivery in the fall.


Prepare your oil furnace for cold weather with the help of the professionals at Andersen Oil Company in New London County, CT. For more than four decades, this oil company has been providing dependable heating oil delivery to keep homeowners’ furnaces running. They also offer other HVAC services, including boiler replacement and installation. Schedule a free consultation by calling (860) 464-7628 or send your inquiry online.

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