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How Can You Reduce Senior Care Conflicts Between Adult Siblings? June 23, 2020

Downtown Henderson, Henderson
How Can You Reduce Senior Care Conflicts Between Adult Siblings?, Henderson, Kentucky

Taking care of aging parents can introduce new conflicts between adult siblings. You may find yourselves arguing about issues you’ve never had to deal with before. Know the common issues that adults face in arranging for senior care, and how you can work them out without conflict.

A Guide to Addressing Senior Care With Your Siblings

What Are the Common Issues That Arise?

You all want the best for your parents, but determining the best way to achieve that can be a challenge. There are many aspects here that can cause conflict between you and your siblings. You may argue about how to manage your parents’ finances, who will be the primary caregiver, or where they will live.

Some siblings may feel like they are doing all the heavy lifting, while others feel excluded from the decision-making process. The conflict may become aggravated if your parents are resistant to receiving support or siblings start dredging up old conflicts from the past.

How Can You Address Them?

henderson elderly careBegin by arranging for a sit-down meeting, in person, with all of your siblings. If some of you have to travel, it’s worth being able to hash things out all at once and without the miscommunication that can occur through technology. Come prepared with all the information you might need as you make decisions. This might include your parents’ financial papers and their health records with recommendations from doctors.

Discuss the possibility of bringing in outside help. Primary caregiving is a lot for one sibling to manage, and it is difficult to split evenly between everyone. Compare the costs and benefits of in-home care or moving them into an independent living facility. Which one you choose will depend on their needs and your situation – one is not universally better than the other.


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