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3 Major Benefits of Retaining Walls June 23, 2020

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3 Major Benefits of Retaining Walls, Jessup, Maryland

If you have a slope in your yard or want to create areas of different heights, you can add a retaining wall. This structure is a short wall, often made of stone, brick, or concrete, that supports built-up soil on one side and has open space with a lower ground level on the other side. It has many uses in landscaping, including the following.

Why Add a Retaining Wall?

1. Add Functional Level Ground

If your home is built on a slope or your yard contains hills, it can be hard to enjoy normal outdoor activities like lawn sports. Also, building structures like pools and sheds becomes more complicated because the slope can disrupt foundations and require extra support structures. A retaining wall allows you to turn a slope into a series of flat tiers, creating stable, flat ground you can use how you want.

2. Control Water & Erosion

Retaining WallsThe steeper the slope in your yard, the faster water will flow down it. This can create yard drainage problems where water pools at the lowest point of your yard. It can also make it hard to water grass and plants high on the slope; you’ll need to use extra water to make up for the runoff, and that will raise your water bill.

Finally, the water will wash away soil from your yard, creating hollows, washing away landscaping, and exposing less fertile soil under the topsoil so it’s more difficult to grow anything. Because retaining walls create level areas from slopes, they stop the flow of water and prevent all these issues.

3. Create a Beautiful Garden Design

Retaining walls can add variety and structure to your yard. They help create a boundary between different areas. You can use them to create large raised planters, adding height and tiers to the garden.

The walls can double as seating, making your backyard more enjoyable. Finally, there is a wide range of materials, like natural stone, wood, and brick, that you can use to make your wall, adding an elegant touch to the design.


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