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4 Different Styles of Refrigerators to Consider June 29, 2020

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4 Different Styles of Refrigerators to Consider, Brighton, New York

Creating a new kitchen design for your home involves more than choosing the right cabinets and flooring. You’ll want to carefully consider the right appliances to fit your needs, including the refrigerator type. Below, learn about the different refrigerator types to help guide you in your selection process.

4 Refrigerator Styles to Match Your New Kitchen Design

1. The Top Freezer

If you’re planning a more traditional kitchen design, the top freezer refrigerator style will add to this classic look. Units that feature a smaller freezer on top with the refrigerator occupying the bulk of the unit on the bottom has been a mainstay in kitchens for generations. They’re still widely in use because they’re typically cheaper than other styles, and that can be a consideration if you’re operating with a tighter budget. This style can also be helpful if you have young kids, as they will be able to access the refrigerator section on a lower plane. These types of refrigerators come in a variety of sizes, widths, and materials. 

2. The Bottom Freezer

This model has a vertical refrigerator section on top of the freezer. Additionally, the freezer is larger and wider on the bottom, providing ample storage space in each compartment. This model of refrigerator is still a relatively new type, so it can add a unique feature to your kitchen design without interrupting the flow. Having the refrigerator on top can also make meal preparation more convenient, since vegetables, dairy products, and other refrigerated ingredients will be at eye level.

3. The Side-by-Side 

Kitchen DesignA refrigerator that has the freezer compartment to the side is convenient in a couple of ways. Grabbing items from either side requires no bending, and this type of unit frees up space in a kitchen that has minimal space. Even if you have a larger area, you can add more kitchen cabinets by using this type of refrigerator, because it’s narrower. However, this model can pose a problem when storing larger items that need to be either frozen or refrigerated, as they tend to have less interior storage space.

4. The French Door

You can also consider the French door model, which features a refrigerator with two side-by-side doors. The unit also has a full-size bottom freezer, so there’s more storage space. This type of unit can work well in bigger spaces and is perfect for larger families. The side by side doors can be made narrower without compromising storage space, so it can comfortably fit between stoves and counters. While these types of refrigerators are preferable in both function and beauty, they’re also among the most expensive types of refrigerators on the market due to their increased storage space. 


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