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Why Do Foul Odors Happen After You Flush? June 19, 2020

Fennimore, Grant
Why Do Foul Odors Happen After You Flush?, Fennimore, Wisconsin

If you notice foul odors after flushing the toilet, there may be a problem with your indoor plumbing or the fixture itself. Though some issues are minor and require simple repairs, others may necessitate replacing parts or pipes. Below, you’ll learn more about why unpleasant aromas occur after flushing and when you should contact a plumber

4 Reasons for Unpleasant Odors After Flushing

1. Clogs

Cotton balls, cat litter, feminine hygiene products, and medication tend to form clumps that get stuck in your toilet pipes. These blockages trap unpleasant aromas in the sewage line that escape into your bathroom when you flush. You’ll need to call a plumbing repair company to remove the clog since it will most likely be located further along your system and unable to be removed with a plunger. Make sure to never flush anything except toilet tissue. 

2. Infrequent Use

plumberToilets in your basement or guest bathroom might not get as much use as the others in your home. As a result, water in the bowl will evaporate, allowing gases from the drainpipe to emit from the toilet since there’s no longer a layer of water to mask the flow of fumes. Prevent odors by flushing your less-frequently used toilets at least once per week, which will re-fill the bowl with fresh water.

3. Damaged Seal 

The wax ring around the base of your toilet seals off odors from your drainpipe and prevents moisture from pooling onto the floor. Damaged seals will usually have gaps and cracks that allow gaseous air to escape with each flush, causing bad smells. When you notice a damaged seal, have a plumbing contractor replace it. 

4. Cracked Bowl

When toilet bowls crack, water leaks out and permits raw sewage gas from the drainpipe to fill your bathroom. Cracks are difficult to notice because they usually occur beneath the bowl and out of sight. If you observe pooling water and foul odors, call a plumber to replace your toilet.


Keep your indoor plumbing clean and odor-free with help from the team at H & N Plumbing, Heating & Electrical. These plumbers offer installations, repairs, and maintenance to homes and businesses throughout Fennimore, WI. Call (888) 822-3258 to get an estimate on plumbing repairs and schedule an appointment. Visit the website to learn more about their residential heating and cooling services. 

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