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What Does It Mean If Your Lawn Has Mushrooms? June 24, 2020

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What Does It Mean If Your Lawn Has Mushrooms?, Cromwell, Connecticut

Keeping your property healthy and beautiful requires regular lawn care and maintenance. Part of this maintenance routine involves inspecting your yard for dry spots, problem areas, weeds, and pests. If you notice mushrooms appearing in your yard, learn more about what causes them to grow and what lawn care practices can keep them from spreading.

What Causes Mushrooms to Grow?

Mushrooms are the reproductive part of fungi found in the soil. While fungi typically remain unseen in the soil, helping to decompose organic materials, their mushrooms will appear above ground if the conditions are right.

lawn careMushrooms prefer to grow in damp, moist areas, like shady spots in your yard. When provided with sufficient moisture and shade, mushrooms will appear above ground and release spores into the air, causing the fungi to spread throughout other areas of the yard.

There are several different factors that can encourage the growth of mushrooms in your yard. While shade and moisture will have a significant effect, other conditions can accelerate the spread, like rotting trees and shrubs, compacted soil, and animal waste.

How Can You Get Rid of Mushrooms?

Not all mushrooms disrupt your lawn, so it’s vital to target fungi that are causing problems or invading healthy plants. For a long-term solution, try to reduce the amount of moisture in infected areas by providing more access to sunlight. You can accomplish this by having trees trimmed or relocating potted plants or lawn ornaments.

For stubborn mushrooms that don’t respond to the above methods, contact a lawn care professional for safe and effective chemical treatment. They can apply a formulated fungicide that will attack any problem areas while leaving the rest of your lawn healthy and lush.


If you need help dealing with mushrooms in your yard, contact The Lawn Surgeon LLC in Hartford, CT. For more than three decades, these lawn care professionals have provided services to beautify yards throughout the area, from landscaping to tree and shrub removal. To learn more about the services they offer, visit them online or call (860) 635-1127.

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