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A Guide to Using Wood in Commercial Building Projects July 10, 2020

Clarksville, Johnson
A Guide to Using Wood in Commercial Building Projects, Clarksville, Arkansas

Heavy timber has been used in building construction throughout history. These wood frame systems are versatile and economical. They’re used to achieve a variety of commercial design objectives, including tall walls, flat roofs, parapets, and open-front floor plans. Learn more about the advantages of wooden framing systems and how to utilize them.

3 Benefits of Wood-Framed Commercial Buildings 

1. Economical

The construction costs associated with wood-framed buildings are comparable to both steel and concrete. However, timber construction takes less time to build than alternative materials, resulting in significant savings for labor and scheduling costs. Because wood-framed buildings are lighter than steel and concrete, they require smaller foundations, which can equate to fewer materials used and additional cost savings. 

2. Sustainable

constructionIn an increasingly eco-friendly world, the environmental benefits of wood timber cannot be understated. Unlike alternative materials, wood is a renewable resource that produces fewer greenhouse gases during manufacturing.

Studies show that building with wood products instead of concrete or steel can offset the effects of carbon emissions through the growing process required to create engineered wood. As the wood grows, it stores carbon particles found in the air, making the outdoor air cleaner. 

3. Preferred Material

While alternative building materials can be used to develop attractive commercial buildings, research shows that many individuals prefer the appearance and visibility of wood and woodgrain patterns inside a building. When used in office environments, commercial buildings, and apartment buildings, natural materials like mass timber enables building owners to charge higher rent prices, while still encouraging longer-term tenants.


When you need durable and reliable wood timber for your next construction project, contact the professionals at H&H Truss & Supply in Clarksville, AR. For over 30 years, their knowledgable team of engineers has provided efficient, personalized truss designs for commercial clients across Johnson County. Request a quote by calling (479) 754-4999. Visit their website to learn more about their products and services.  

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