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4 Questions to Ask Your Building Materials Supplier August 10, 2020

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4 Questions to Ask Your Building Materials Supplier, Clarksville, Arkansas

When undertaking a construction project, the finished product will only be as good as the building materials you use. Working with the right materials provider is essential to your success. Below are some questions you can ask when shopping for materials to determine whether the supplier can sufficiently meet your needs.

What Questions Should You Ask Before Choosing a Building Materials Supplier?

How long have you been in business?

Experience makes all the difference between a reliable supplier and one that leaves you guessing. The more experience your materials supplier has, the easier it will be for them to make recommendations to suit your needs.

Experience also ensures that any problems that arise will be met with a no-nonsense solution. If there are logistical hangups, an experienced supplier is more likely to have other options in place to ensure your supplies arrive on time.

Do you stock materials from many different manufacturers?

When materials suppliers are tied to a single manufacturer, their clients are often left without a lot of options. The best construction supply providers insist on stocking materials from a wide variety of manufacturers.

A wide selection ensures you can find what you need for a specific job. Having options is also good for your budget because you’ll have access to quality supplies at many different price points.

What can I expect in terms of turnaround time?

building materialsYour supplier must review all pertinent factors to provide you a specific timeline for your order. Keep in mind that turnaround time can vary depending on the materials you’re requesting, how many supplies you need, the type of supplies you’re buying, along with many other factors. Be wary of suppliers that offer vague answers or promise a quick turnaround for a hefty order that seems impossible to accomplish. 

Is there a customer service center to call if I have questions?

A quality supplier will want to foster a strong relationship with new clients to ensure repeat business. Gaining repeat business entails excellent customer service at every turn. Whether you have questions about prices or need to tweak your order after it’s been made, a skilled customer service department will be readily accessible to help you throughout the process. 


In addition to designing sturdy, dependable wood trusses for home construction, H & H Truss & Supply provides essential building materials to contractors throughout Clarksville, AR. Their team has more than 30 years of experience, so you can rest assured of a quality process, from the customer service you receive to the materials you select. They’re also happy to discuss your project at length to help you choose the best supplies for your needs. Learn more about their offerings online. Call (479) 754-4999 to get started on your free estimate.

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