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Do's & Don’ts of Breaking a Fever August 6, 2020

Do's & Don’ts of Breaking a Fever, Bronx, New York

Fevers occur when one’s internal body temperature is above 98.6 F. This natural immune response is usually a sign that the body is fighting an infection. In many cases, fevers don’t require assistance from a primary care physician unless they reach a temperature over 100.4 F. However, the problem can still be uncomfortable for adults. In these situations, you may be able to lower the fever by following a few different steps. To help you handle this symptom safely, here are a few ways you should and shouldn’t break a fever.  


Stay rested and hydrated.

Since the body is likely recovering from a health problem, it’s best to take it easy and rest so you can heal. Due to the high body temperature, you’ll also be losing a lot of fluids and may risk dehydration. To avoid complications, make sure to drink water, preferably with electrolytes. Those who aren’t able to keep fluids down may benefit from sucking on ice chips.

Know when to call a doctor.  

primary care physicianYou should call the doctor if a fever is accompanied by any other concerning symptoms—such as a skin rash or vomiting.

A very high fever can also cause organ damage. As such, consult a primary care physician if your temperature is 103 F or higher.


Take cold baths.

While a cold bath may seem relieving, taking one may actually cause one’s body temperature to increase. Instead, take a tepid bath or use a cold compress for relief. Additionally, unless you have the chills, it’s wise to not cover up in blankets or excessive clothing after taking a bath. Doing so may only increase your body temperature.

Avoid eating.

Despite the old saying that you should “starve a fever,” it’s best not to avoid eating. Eating healthy foods—even in small amounts—can help your body stay nourished to better fight off the underlying infection. Consume plenty of vitamin C by drinking a glass of orange juice, and snack on fruits and vegetables, as well as chicken for protein, to boost your strength.


When concerns about fevers arise, don’t wait to seek help. Instead, turn to the caring professionals of the HDR Healthcare Network. Providing family medicine for patients of all ages at facilities located throughout the Bronx, NY, these primary care physicians can diagnose and treat the underlying causes of fever or other serious symptoms. This medical network also offers urgent care services to help those facing high temperatures reduce their symptoms. For more details on all of their services, visit this medical center online or call (929) 256-5005.

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