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How to Keep Dogs Calm During Fireworks Shows June 22, 2020

How to Keep Dogs Calm During Fireworks Shows, Wentzville, Missouri


Veterinarians can attest that most dogs are afraid of fireworks. If your furry friends get stressed out during thunderstorms, chances are they won’t like the 4th of July festivities, either. More dogs go missing on the 4th of July than any other time, best to keep them indoors during the show.Thankfully, there are several ways to keep dogs calm amid the booms and claps.

3 Tips for Helping Your Dogs Cope With Fireworks 

1. Tire Them Out 

Take your pups to the dog park or go on an extra-long walk with them a few hours before the show is scheduled to start. This will help expend any nervous energy.

Just make sure to provide plenty of water while your dogs are exercising and again when you get back home. If you tire your dogs out enough, they may even end up sleeping through the entire fireworks show. 

2. Try Calming Interventions 

veterinarianThere are several veterinarian-approved ways to keep dogs calm during fireworks shows. For example, you can swaddle them in special vests that apply soothing, gentle pressure around their torso, which provides a sense of security.

Fostering a relaxing environment, like a cozy crate lined with blankets, in the quietest room of the house may also help. And for severe cases, anti-anxiety medication is available. 

3. Keep Them Occupied 

A lot of dogs who get anxious when they hear fireworks just need something else to focus on. Give each of your pups a favorite toy before the show starts to keep them occupied. Items that release treats are ideal because they’ll reward your dogs for continuous play. For an added distraction, play some white noise during the show, as well. 


If your dogs get especially anxious during fireworks shows, consult a veterinarian at Troy & Wentzville Veterinary Clinic. For more than 60 years, this practice has been caring for household pets and farm animals across Eastern Missouri. Their friendly team is equipped to provide comprehensive care, from initial diagnostics to surgical procedures and ongoing rehabilitation. To make an appointment for your furry friend with one of their veterinarians, call the Troy Clinic at (636) 528-4534 or the Wentzville Clinic at (636) 327-6488. Visit their website for your new patient forms.

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