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How to Keep Weeds From Growing in Pavement Cracks August 7, 2020

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How to Keep Weeds From Growing in Pavement Cracks, Dothan, Alabama

Paved surfaces, such as walkways and driveways, improve the curb appeal of your property and provide smooth surfaces for traversing the area. From time to time, you may notice weeds growing in the cracks of the pavement that diminish its appearance, and the root growth may eventually cause the asphalt to crack. Below, learn how to prevent weeds from growing in sidewalks and driveways. 

4 Ways to Stop Weed Growth in Asphalt

1. Use Weed Killers

Chemical herbicides kill weeds quickly and effectively. However, they often contain toxic chemicals that may harm animals or nearby plants. Minimize these risks by using products that contain glyphosate, which is a chemical strong enough to kill weeds but neutralizes when it combines with soil enzymes.

2. Try Environmentally-Friendly Methods

asphaltControl weed growth without jeopardizing environmental health by pouring boiling water onto them or burning them with a blowtorch, since weeds are vulnerable to high heat. Alternatively, spray weeds with vinegar, which removes water from weeds, dries them up, and then kills them. 

3. Pull Them Regularly 

Pull weeds once weekly to prevent them from overtaking or damaging your paved surfaces. Use a dandelion digger or a flathead screwdriver to remove weeds and dig out the roots. Thorough removal of the root systems will ensure they do not regrow. 

4. Seal Cracks

Keep weeds from popping up in the cracks of your asphalt driveway and sidewalks by sealing them with caulk or crack filler. Alternatively, fill them with aggregates, such as sand, bark mulch, or pea gravel, to provide a barrier against the growth of weeds.


If you’re ready to install sidewalks or need maintenance for asphalt driveways, get in touch with Midsouth Paving, Inc. This general contractor provides asphalt refinishing and construction services to homes and businesses throughout Dothan, AL. Call (334) 712-7500 to request an estimate on your asphalt project, and visit the website to learn more about their aggregates and paving services. 

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